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Beginning and Advanced Dog Obedience Classes in Dover, Delaware

Our Training Philosophy
We want our dogs to be happy workers who want to please you, but to also know obeying commands is not optional. Ideally the earlier you start training your puppy the better, but older dogs can benefit as well. All our classes are held in our fully matted, heated and air conditioned training center.
Nine-Week Beginner Training Classes
Offered once per week on Wednesday evenings, these beginner classes start at $175 and teach you how to teach your dog all of the basics, including: healing on leash, sit down and stand stay, come when called.

We also deal with behaviors such as jumping on people, puppy biting, and barking. We teach them to be mannerly and under control in social situations.

Advanced & Competition Dog Training

Available on Monday nights, these advanced classes take your dog to the next level. We offer off-leash training for your dog. The competition training begins with advanced classes and includes novice through utility training before we move to competition-specific training.
Poodle in Class, Obedience Classes in Dover, DE
Classes meet Monday nights and cost $120 for eight weeks. Your dog must have completed our basic course in the first eight week course, we work on more precision, more off leash work, and more control at a distance. As you progress through each eight week course we work on exercises needed to progress through the obedience titles from Novice to Utility. These exercises include: retrieving, jumping, hand signals, scent work, and out of site exercises.
Private Lessons
We offer private lessons available for $75 for one-hour lessons. These can be scheduled during daytime hours Monday through Thursday. Here we can work one-on-one with you on your dog's specific areas of concern.
Contact us today in Dover, Delaware, and schedule an appointment for training classes.